Rethink the way of publishing

The findings of publicly funded research should be freely accessible.

83 per cent of the economists surveyed in the ZBW study “Open Science in economics” agree with this statement. But not every researcher has access to important research findings, although they are mostly financed with taxpayers’ money. The reason: access to digital publications in the science system is limited because publishers demand to be paid for licensing them.

Open Access enables free access to publications for all.

  • The ZBW operates infrastructures for sustainable publication management.
  • The ZBW is the world’s largest information infrastructure for economics.

We ensure that economic research is visible and effective.


EconBiz offers access to economic literature from all over the world.

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EconStor disseminates research findings from economics on the internet and ensures they are highly visible.

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Do you have any questions or suggestions? Then please contact:

Dr. Tamara Pianos
Head of Information Provision and Access
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Olaf Siegert
Product management EconStor
Head of Publication Services
T: +49 40 42834-290

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