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Mexican researchers explore new ways of thinking

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A recently published review by Mexican researchers examines the role of scientists in the integration of open science and open innovation. The study emphasises the importance of complex thinking – a key skill that could improve performance and engagement in the scientific ecosystem.

The authors point out that open innovation can be transformed into concrete social applications through access to research results through open science. Open science is therefore fundamental to open innovation. However, mere access to data and processes is not enough to effectively promote open innovation in the context of globalisation. Rather, what is needed is the development of an appropriate mindset that masters complex challenges and creates synergies between stakeholders from science, industry and politics.

The extensive literature review over a decade shows that the concepts of Open Science and Open Innovation are deeply embedded in the European Union. At the same time, challenges remain, such as the balance between data openness and the protection of scientific information. There is also a lack of research on complex thinking that could help scientists to deal more effectively with openness.

The results emphasise the need to promote complex thinking in order to establish open information sharing as a shared responsibility. This would not only strengthen the basic principles of open science and open innovation, but also facilitate the development of collaborative research methods and equip researchers with the necessary skills to transition to an open innovation paradigm.

Literature reference:

Sanabria-Z, J., Cruz-Sandoval, M., Moreno-Romo, A., Bosch-Gómez, S., & Ramírez-Montoya, M. S. (2024). Research foresight in bridging open science and open innovation: Overview based on the complex thinking paradigm. International Journal of Innovation Studies, 8(1), 59-75.

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