Improve your research with preregistration



If you write down hypotheses and specific details, such as data collection methods, analysis plans and rules for the selection of observations, you can make important decisions early and systematically. This documents your decisions in ways that can be reproduced later. The preregistration of studies is an important tool of the Open Science movement and is available on different platforms.

Duration 15 min.

Use a document that describes your project. This can be a brief or a very detailed description.

Upload your files to the “Open Science Framework”. There are different templates for preregistration available by now. A step-by-step instruction can be found here.

In your papers and on your profile page you can link to the preregistration: “This project has been preregistered before the start of data collection, see…”


  • Select template for upload
  • Check instruction
  • Upload file at Open Science Framework
  • Link to upload on profile page


Date: September 2020
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