Increase your visibility



How do I manage to make my research transparent and to be visible – to my peers, my future employers or funders? It’s simple. Show them what you do, which projects you are engaged in, with whom and with what data you are working.

Duration 20 min.

Create an account with Open Science Framework Register. Create a new project under “My Projects”. You can now reference the project URL in your publications. And when you have finished the project, you can change the project status from “private” to “public”.

In addition to your profile page on the website of your university or research institute, create a professional Social Media account – or several, maybe on LinkedIn, Twitter or ResearchGate. Link here to your publications, your data and mention with whom you collaborate in which projects.


  • Create account with Open Science Framework
  • Link to your Open Science Framework project on your university profile page
  • Create Social Media account
  • Share at least one publication via Social Media


Date: September 2020
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