More visibility after conferences



Are you still thrilled from your last conference, either analogue or digital? Have you networked successfully, presented yourself phenomenally or been inspired by the talks and presentations of your peers? If you have been invited to a conference as speaker, have you ever thought about prolonging your visibility beyond the actual event? Sounds exciting, good luck!

Duration 15 min

Upload your conference slides to Zenodo and disseminate the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) on your Social Media channels. Login with your ORCID ID which you created after reading work sheet 3.

DOIs are persistent identifiers which you and others can use to cite electronic resources (texts, research data and other contents) unambiguously. See details here.

Your materials – you can upload much more than slides – are safely stored with Zenodo at the CERN data centre. They are citable within seconds through the DOI. Usage statistics are also available.


  • Look up ORCID ID
  • Check slides again (don’t forget contact details!)
  • Upload slides
  • Communicate DOI to conference contacts and through your Social Media channels  (“If you couldn’t be in X City for the Y conference, watch my slides here…”)


Date: September 2020
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