Talk about research data



Did you know? Open Science opens up space for collaboration with scientists from your discipline, either in the office next door or in the USA. Open and transparent science also enables collaboration with scientists from quite different disciplines, such as infection research. Just talk about it.

Duration 10 min

Tell your colleagues in the corridor, at lunch or in the coffee room that you created an account at Open Science Framework and that you uploaded your materials, data and scripts.

Ask your colleagues if they would be interested in using the data collaboratively in a new project.

Remind your colleagues about the conversation by mailing the link to your OSF profile so they can look at your materials. Invite them expressly to a collaboration.

Check list

  • Mention OSF profile
  • Mention materials, data and scripts
  • Talk about possible collaboration
  • Send the link to all present at the conversation


Date: September 2020
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